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Alabama PTA Awards

Alabama PTA presents annual awards at the state convention.  PTAs and/or councils must be in "Good Standing" in order to apply and receive awards.

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All Applications must be received by email or postmarked by

March 1, 2024.

Warning: Don't let snail mail jeopardize your entry by not arriving in time for judging. Please email! 
We encourage all completed applications to be emailed to, however if you are unable to submit electronically, please complete and mail forms to 
Alabama PTA

    3066 ZELDA ROAD

PMB 252

      MONTGOMERY, AL 36106


Please send all questions to William Roberson at

Award Categories

Elementary – Grade Ranges PreK-6th

Middle/Jr High- Grade Ranges 6th-8th

High School - Grade Ranges 9th-12th

Multi School- More than one school or school’s Grade Range includes more than one Category such as K-8 & K-12. Please also select which school category this form is being submitted if more than one school is part of this PTA               

Community- Not attached to specific schools. Example-Special Education PTA

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