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PTA Values

Collaboration, Committment, Diversity, Respect, Accountability



Since 2017, Alabama PTA has partnered with Givebacks, formerly MemberHub to be the primary membership and compliance management tool for local PTA’s across Alabama.  In addition to membership and compliance management, Givebacks offers a variety of other features to help you run your PTA like e-commerce, newsletters, and fundraising.  New officer? Get started with Givebacks here.

How to:  Activate your account

  1. Go to and select the option to Create an Account

  2. Follow the steps to create your password and confirm the account. 

  3. Once you have confirmed your account, you are all set to go back to the login page and login.

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We only focus on PTA, PTO, and Booster coverage. We use this expertise to tailor a plan that is right for your organization.

Find out more about insurance for your unit.

Whether you're buying school supplies for the kids or renting a car for your next family vacation, PTA members can save money on everyday purchases thanks to National PTA Member Offers.

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