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Legislative & Advocacy



Legislation and Advocacy is concerned with local, state, and federal laws governing the welfare of children and youth. PTA interest should extend to the implementation and enforcement of these laws as well as to their enactment.


  • To promote parent/family involvement.

  • To promote the legislative programs of Alabama PTA and National PTA.

  • To encourage local participation in formulation and adoption of a program on legislation for the Alabama PTA.

  • To support self-study at the local level to determine needs requiring legislative action.

  • To serve as a sounding board for differing opinions and attitudes toward school needs related to the welfare of children. Offer accurate information in responding to these concerns.

  • To work with other groups similarly concerned with the health, safety, education, and general well being of children and youth.

  • To achieve a forceful, united impact on legislators by presenting the PTA position on proposed laws that affect children.

  • To provide members with information on current legislative issues, including the PTA point of view on each, for effective participation in the legislative process.

  • To promote adequate funding for school and community services to children.

Suggested Activities:

  • Send representatives to Alabama PTA Legislative Advocacy Day in Montgomery.

  • Cultivate a working relationship with local and state legislators. Invite them to speak at a PTA meeting to inform members about what has been done or is being done for education and children.

  • Support the Alabama PTA and National PTA legislative programs by writing or emailing legislators.

  • Encourage participation in Alabama PTA Legislative Alerts.

  • Provide PTA members with the addresses and phone numbers of their legislators.

  • Attend PTA legislative workshops.

National PTA has a large amount of resources.

Be sure to create an account to access the toolkit.

Legislative & Advocacy


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