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Alabama PTA was thinking way ahead of this virtual world by partnering with Memberhub in 2017. The decision was made as one of the first states to offer this tool to all of the Alabama PTAs/PTSAs across the state.  This free online tool is valued at $1,200. The Alabama state leadership recognized the enormous job of running a PTA.  They knew the overwhelming confusion of various tools needed to actively engage parents, families, teachers, staff, businesses, and the community in the mission to make every child's potential a reality. We could have never foreseen this time of Covid-19 and the absolute need for a virtual platform. 

Memberhub is a software platform designed specifically for PTA leaders like you. Take advantage of tools that make it easier to engage families, raise money and stay in good standing.

Get Started right away:

Obtain your MemeberHub Login Email


Provide PTA name and your officer position.

Activate Your School's Memberhub Site:

  • Visit

  • Click the link "Create or Claim Account"
  • Follow the steps to create your password and confirm your email. 
  • You are now all set to login!

  • NOTE: After logging in, click the icon in the top right corner and click Dashboard. You will then see all of the different modules on the left side menu to manage your site. 







Once logged in, if not yet done, update your school's MemberHub site address, choose a name easily recognized for your PTA or school, for example:  You can do this under Settings>Organization Details>Subdomain. If your subdomain has not been set up yet, it will be your National ID followed by ALPTA.  YOU ONLY NEED TO DO THIS IF YOUR MEMBERHUB SITE HAS NEVER BEEN SETUP.  

Update/Add Officers

  • Select the Compliance Module on the left side menu.

  • Click Officers.

  • If adding officers for the current year, just click Add Officer.  If adding for next year, be sure to select the appropriate year before clicking Add Officer.  Select Officer Role and enter information.  Toggle the switch to make them an organization admin.  If you want to email them and send a personal message, you can do that here as well and then click Save. 

Already Activated Your Account?

Please head to your PTA's MemberHub site and login or your can always login at

Local units use MemberHub for the following purposes:

  • Accept online membership payments

  • Update the name and email address of PTA officers

  • Enter name and email for members that do not join on line through the Memberhub site

  • Send email directly to PTA members

  • Confirm annual PTA Audit as been completed and results reported to your PTA's Board of Directors

  • Enter the filing date of annual IRS Form 990

  • Download membership cards

  • Ensure Good Standing is maintained and reported

  • Use hubs for class or group communication

  • Fund raise

Remember to activate a Stripe Account to accept online payments. If there was previously a WePay account, that will need to be deactivated.

Every PTA volunteer we know is eager for help. That's why MemberHub has a team of dedicated customer engagement representatives-who are all PTA leaders themselves-to help you get the most out of Memberhub.

If you want some one-on-one help setting up your site and get families on board:

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