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Please Contact Your Elected Officials

Federal Bill
HR 748 Ethan’s Law

Establishes requirements for safe storage of firearms. It would be unlawful to have a gun on a residential premises where a minor could gain access, unless it is (1) secured with a gun storage or safety device, (2) it is in a location which a reasonable person would believe to be secure , (3) it is near to the owner so that it could be readily retrieved, as if on his/her person.
National PTA Position on Gun Safety and Violence Prevention addresses safe storage.

Action: Contact your U.S. Representative to let them know you and National PTA support safe storage of firearms in homes with children as addressed in HR 748. Ask them to support HR748.

Alabama Legislature

Broadband HB2 and SB3
Propose an amendment that would allow American Rescue Plan funds to be used specifically for broadband expansion. They are supported by the Association of County Commissions of Alabama. To begin work this summer: bill must be passed during special session convening 1/25/22 so that it can be voted on as a statewide ballot measure during this spring’s primary, May 24,2022

Action: Please THANK your state legislator for supporting expansion of broadband access as described in HB2 and SB3.

Removal of Firearms Restrictions HB 44 & HB 66 are related to removing language that prohibits firearms at school sporting events. P.6, line 21-24 “may not knowingly possess or carry a firearm in any of the following places without the express permission of a person or entity with authority over the premises: … P.7, line 21-25 "(5) Inside any facility hosting an athletic event not related to or involving firearms which is sponsored by a private or public elementary or secondary school or any 24 private or public institution of postsecondary education, unless the person has a permit National PTA Response to Federal School Safety Commission Report
Action: Please contact your legislator to let them know you oppose legalization of firearms at school sporting events, as enabled in HB44 and HB66.  Contact State Senators and State House Members and ask them to oppose HB44 and HB66.

Prohibiting Critical Race Theory HB 8 & HB 11
Both prohibit teaching of critical race theory in public schools and institutions of higher learning and also place limits on teaching racial, cultural, or ethnic diversity inclusiveness.
National PTA has not issued position statement but has issued guidance regarding critical race theory. 
Contact your Advocacy Vice President for information.

Action: Contact your Alabama State Representatives to let them know your feelings on public schools limiting teaching racial, cultural, and ethnic diversity inclusiveness, and prohibiting critical race theory, as addressed in HB8 and HB11.

Vaccination HB 31
Would prohibit discrimination (including employers and places of public accommodation) to discriminate against an individual based on immunization status (schools listed specifically section 2. a (4) j, on page 4, line 17.)

Action: Contact your Alabama State Representatives to let them know your feelings on HB31.

Feminine Hygiene HB 50
Requiring some schools to provide feminine hygiene products in women’s restrooms at no cost to students

Action: Please contact your Alabama State legislators to let them know you support no cost feminine hygiene products for students, as described in HB50. Ask them to support HB50.

AL PTA Public Comment Sign-on 1/14/2022
Alabama PTA signed on to a public comment letter with National PTA, by request of President Anna King, with many state and national organizations (including Alabama’s A+ Education Partnership) in support of the US Department of Education’s FAQ Guidance on the impact of Covid on accountability systems during 2021-2022.
We helped to serve as a critical voice to ensure SEAs have the flexibility needed to appropriately update their accountability systems amidst the current disruption to our nation’s public education system caused by the pandemic.

ALSDE Board of Education January 2022 Meeting
Selected Notes.
Common Theme: Career & Technical Education
• Resolution: February is Career and Technical Education Month
• Adopted Career & Technical Ed Course of Study and approved textbooks
• Dr. Mackey: 10 changes to teacher certification that should help address teaching shortages. (Reportedly would also increase teacher diversity)

We are making smart investments to increase statewide broadband connectivity, improve our water and sewer infrastructure, as well as health care infrastructure.

Governor Ivey, January 27, 2022

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Please contact me with any questions or suggestions!
Stephanie Jackson, Alabama PTA Vice President of Advocacy

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