Alabama PTA offers training during its annual convention in the spring.  Many of our PTA councils also offer summer leadership training.  Take the time to learn how to lead with confidence.


All PTA leaders should:

1. Read its By-Laws

2. Know the 6 Family-School Partnership Standards

3. Remember the mission of PTA


To Make Every Child's Potential a Reality by Engaging Families and       Communities to Advocate for All Children.

4. Review the National PTA ToolKit for your leadership position





National PTA has the most comprehensive resources for PTA presidents.  



  • Complete a Local PTA Officer Information Form and submit to the Alabama PTA office.

  • Obtain the files and procedure book from previous president.

  • Set a calendar - Mark all known dates as soon as possible.

  • Appoint committee chairs and a parliamentarian in accordance with the PTA By-Laws.

  • Meet with the principal to discuss school plans for the year and keep him/her informed of PTA activities throughout the year.

  • Schedule a board meeting/orientation to organize the PTA for the coming year.

  • Work with all committees to develop plans of work.

  • Work with the treasurer to ensure that the unit’s 990 has been filed.

  • Perform other duties as provided by in your local PTA By-Laws.


President Resources:

By-Law Templates

AL PTA Awards Handbook & Forms



National PTA hosts many useful documents in regards to filing taxes and avoiding fraud.  Please contact our state office if you need any advice concerning being a local unit or council treasurer.

National PTA Treasurer Resources  (scroll to bottom of page)



  • Keep the records of the national/state portion of membership dues separate from the records of the general funds of the local PTA.

  • Remit dues and a membership list to Alabama PTA promptly after collection. 

  • Have custody of the funds of the PTA and maintain a full account of those funds.

  • Make disbursements as authorized by the president, board of directors, or the PTA in accordance with the budget adopted by the PTA.

  • Have checks signed by the treasurer and one other officer.

  • Keep accurate account of receipts and disbursements in books that belong to the PTA.

  • Prepare and present written financial reports to the board of directors and the general membership meetings.

  • Present a written annual report of the financial condition of the organization.

  • Submit the books annually for an audit; report findings of the audit to the board of directors.

  • Perform other duties as provided by in the By-Laws.


Treasurer Resources:

Money Matters in an Electronic Environment

How to File a 990 Tax Form with the IRS

Monies Collected Template

Check Request Template

Audit Report Template

Step by Step Instructions to file Form 990

Our Newsletters

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Membership Information


August 2018


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Many resources are available on the National PTA website to help maintain and grow membership.



  • Select and meet with a committee to plan your membership campaign.

  • Provide the treasurer with a list of members to be submitted to Alabama PTA with each dues payment. Remit dues promptly after collection.

  • Keep a master list of all members.

  • Perform other duties as provided by in the By-Laws.


PTA Membership Cards:

  • Cards are distributed to your PTA based on the number of paid members your PTA reported for the previous year.  Your PTA will be responsible for these cards. Dues must be remitted for the number of cards already issued, before additional cards can be requested. 

  • A PTA card should only be issued in one name, not as Mr. and Mrs.

  • The membership card is valid from July 1 through June 30 each year, unless your By-Laws state otherwise, and entitles its owner to attend and participate in State and National PTA sponsored events.

  • Members may be asked to show a current membership card at PTA meetings.  A current membership card is required to register as a voting delegate at the Alabama PTA and National PTA annual conventions.

  • Your National PTA ID# should be used on your membership cards. Contact the state office if you need your ID#.


Membership Resources:

Membership Awards

Membership Campaign Plan

Membership Campaign Ideas

Sample Membership Form - English Word

Sample Membership Form - English Fillable PDF (download or save file to use fillable features)

Sample Membership Form - Spanish Word

Sample Membership Form - Spanish Fillable PDF (download or save file to use fillable features)



Golden Apple Membership Dues Remittance Form


2010 - present

2010 - present

Legislative & Advocacy



Legislation and Advocacy is concerned with local, state, and federal laws governing the welfare of children and youth. PTA interest should extend to the implementation and enforcement of these laws as well as to their enactment.


  • To promote parent/family involvement.

  • To promote the legislative programs of Alabama PTA and National PTA.

  • To encourage local participation in formulation and adoption of a program on legislation for the Alabama PTA.

  • To support self-study at the local level to determine needs requiring legislative action.

  • To serve as a sounding board for differing opinions and attitudes toward school needs related to the welfare of children. Offer accurate information in responding to these concerns.

  • To work with other groups similarly concerned with the health, safety, education, and general well being of children and youth.

  • To achieve a forceful, united impact on legislators by presenting the PTA position on proposed laws that affect children.

  • To provide members with information on current legislative issues, including the PTA point of view on each, for effective participation in the legislative process.

  • To promote adequate funding for school and community services to children.

Suggested Activities:

  • Send representatives to Alabama PTA Legislative Advocacy Day in Montgomery.

  • Cultivate a working relationship with local and state legislators. Invite them to speak at a PTA meeting to inform members about what has been done or is being done for education and children.

  • Support the Alabama PTA and National PTA legislative programs by writing or emailing legislators.

  • Encourage participation in Alabama PTA Legislative Alerts.

  • Provide PTA members with the addresses and phone numbers of their legislators.

  • Attend PTA legislative workshops.

Legislative & Avocacy Resources

Contact Elected Officials and Track Bills



The secretary is responsible for keeping accurate records of proceedings of the local PTA.



  • Maintain an accurate list of memberships as received from the membership chair.

  • Record all business transacted at each general meeting, board meeting, and executive committee meeting and present the minutes for approval at the next meeting.

  • Have for reference at each meeting: bylaws; agenda; minutes of previous meetings, including treasurer’s reports; list of committees with members’ names; and list of PTA members.

  • Prepare in advance of each meeting an agenda, if requested by the president.

  • Call meeting to order in the absence of the president or vice presidents, unless bylaws specify otherwise, preside until a chair pro-tempore is elected. Count a rising vote when requested by the presiding officer.

  • Act as custodian of all records, except those specifically assigned to others, and promptly deliver all records to successor.

  • Conduct the correspondence of the association.

  • Notify officers, committee members, and delegates of their election.

  • Send notices of board and general meetings.


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From Our President

PTA is the largest child advocacy group in the nation.  Please join us as we strive to make every child's potential a reality. How much do you know about PTA?  Did you know that Alabama PTA was established in 1911?  PTA is more than a fundraising organization.  Alabama PTA advocates for all children in our state.

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