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Leadership Training Videos 

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Huntsville Council of PTAs

  • Update the officer list, including contact information, via Memberhub

  • Obtain the files and procedure book from previous president.

  • Set a calendar - Mark all known dates as soon as possible.

  • Appoint committee chairs and a parliamentarian in accordance with the PTA By-Laws.

  • Meet with the principal to discuss school plans for the year and keep him/her informed of PTA activities throughout the year.

  • Schedule a board meeting/orientation to organize the PTA for the coming year.

  • Work with all committees to develop plans of work.

  • Work with the treasurer to ensure that the unit’s 990 has been filed.

  • Perform other duties as provided by in your local PTA By-Laws.

National PTA has a large amount of resources.

Be sure to create an account to access the toolkit.


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2010 - present

2010 - present

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