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  • Select and meet with a committee to plan your membership campaign.

  • Let the treasurer or president know when members, and how many have been entered into MemberHub so they may remit payment to Alabama PTA. 

  • Keep a master list of all members in MembersHub.

  • Perform other duties as listed in the By-Laws.


PTA Membership Cards:

  • Cards are available via MemberHub. If members have provided their email address, they can log on and print their own card.

  • If your members do not have the capability to print their own card, please contact Alabama PTA for help in obtaining cards for your members.

  • A PTA card should only be issued in one name, not as Mr. and Mrs.

  • The membership card is valid from July 1 through June 30 each year, unless your By-Laws state otherwise, and entitles its owner to attend and participate in State and National PTA sponsored events.

  • Members may be asked to show a current membership card at PTA meetings.  A current membership card is required to register as a voting delegate at the Alabama PTA and National PTA annual conventions.

  • Your National PTA ID# should be used on your membership cards. Contact the state office if you need your ID#.


National PTA has a large amount of resources.

Be sure to create an account to access the toolkit.


Leadership Training Videos 

Courtesy of

Huntsville Council of PTAs

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