Membership Submission to Alabama PTA

All membership dues need to be submitted to Alabama PTA.

Before submitting dues, ensure all members for your PTA/PTSA have been added to Memberhub.

For each member, dues are $3.25. National PTA receives $2.25 and Alabama PTA retains $1.

If you experience any problems with submitting payment or have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Phone (334) 834-2501

Please mail all checks to 

Alabama PTA

3066 Zelda Road

PMB 252

Montgomery, AL    36106

Let's Get Started!

Select State Payments under PTA Pages to the Right

Capture 3.JPG

You may pay by check or echeck. If you select Check you will see a block to enter your check number. Please Enter your check number, this will help the state office be on the lookout for your check.

Capture 4.JPG

You may also pay by echeck. There is a $1 fee. You will need your bank routing and account number if your bank is not already connected to Memberhub

Capture 5.JPG

You must check the box to acknowledge amount due including $1 fee. Otherwise the Send Payment block will not be accessible.

Capture 6.JPG

Once payment has processed, you should receive a confirmation number. The time it takes to process varies, sometimes up to two weeks. However, Alabama PTA will receive a notice immediately that you have sent payment by echeck.

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