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Membership Submission to Alabama PTA
All state and national membership dues need to be submitted to Alabama PTA.
Before submitting dues, ensure all members for your PTA/PTSA have been added to Memberhub. If you need assistance with entering members please contact
For each member, dues are $3.25.
Alabama PTA submits to National PTA $2.25 and Alabama PTA retains $1.

If you experience any problems with submitting payment or have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Phone (334) 834-2501

Please mail all checks to 

Alabama PTA

3066 Zelda Road

PMB 252

Montgomery, AL    36106

Let's Get Started!

Once logged in to MemberHub, Select Memberships Module on the left side of your screen

Get Started.PNG

Next select Remit State Dues Box

Remit Dues.PNG

Amount Owed is for this year so far. If you see Dues owed for the previous year, you must also pay those.

Year-Always make sure you are working in the correct year.

You may pay by E-check or mail a check.

If you have already submitted a dues payment at least once for this year, you will see it documented for either payment type. You can submit more than once in a year, but to avoid excessive fees or stamps, try to coordinate payment to align with Membership Award dates such as Oct 1, Dec 1, March 1 and before the end of the school year so there is not a balance due for the next year.

amount owed.PNG

If you select ACH (E-Check) there is a $1 fee.

You will need your bank routing and account number if your bank account is not already connected to MemberHub. You will not need to provide any personal information. You will need to check the box indicated in the picture below in order to "Save Banking Details" and proceed with payment.


Once the Bank Account is connected, this window will appear.

If the bank account is already connected, this window will appear and bypass the bank details window.

You must check the box indicated in the picture below to confirm payment.

Confirm payment.PNG

If you are mailing a check, please record the check number and when it is mailed. This helps Alabama PTA watch for an arriving check.

Record Check Payment.PNG

Once an e-check payment is submitted, you will see the amount owed change to "no outstanding dues" and the payment documented below. Alabama PTA is able to see the date payment is initiated to determine if the award deadline is met.


If you are mailing a check, once the check is received at the office and deposited, Joy will manually update MemberHub the payment has been received. It is important for the postmark on envelopes to determine if the award deadline is met.

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