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Communication Tips 
for advocating with elected officials:


Tell how the proposed legislation affects your school or school system and why he/she should support, oppose or change the legislation. Refer to bills by number, if possible, but always tell what the bill does. The bill number is important, but without an explanation of what the bill does, the number may be meaningless.



Don’t just tell legislators you support or oppose a bill, ask them to support or oppose it as well. Also ask legislators to let you know their positions on the bill. 


Tell legislators what specific action you suggest they take (vote for or against the bill when it comes before them; speak for or against the bill; amend the bill to remove something objectionable or add something favorable, etc.) 



Ask for a commitment for a position or action. Once you have a commitment, watch to see that it is met. Thank legislators for standing by their commitments and politely let them know you are aware when they have not.


Let your legislators know you appreciate their time and consideration of your views. 

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