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Leon Hobbs

Deb Fritz


Art Wimberly

Dr. Erica Butler

Dr. Erica Butler


This is a hands on workshop about STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.


Have you heard about MemberHub? Provided to PTAs free of charge, MemberHub is a comprehensive, easy-to-use communications and parent engagement solution. Presented by Jenn Southan, the VP of Customer Experience for MemberHub, you will learn how MemberHub affords schools to increase engagement and make the job of running a PTA easier. As a former PTA President herself, Ms. Southan is excited about the opportunity to present the benefits of this resource.

Human Trafficking

Carolyn Potter, Executive Director of The Wellhouse will discuss this very troubling issue.  

The State of Children in Alabama

Our children, how are they doing? For more than 25 years, VOICES for Alabama’s Children has

collected and reported on state level trends and county level data on child well-being published

in the 2017 Alabama Kids Count Data Book. Without data we would not know if we are

improving child well-being in our state and if programs and investments are working. Rhonda

Mann, Deputy Director of VOICES for Alabama’s Children, will share insights and highlights of

the data and research on child well-being in our state and how we compare to other states in

the nation.

Lee Taria Sabree

Ethical Leadership: Using PTA Core Values for the Common Good  

This conversation explores issues related to ethics and integrity as they relate to PTA. The workshop will be presented by Leon T. Hobbs, who is currently serving in his second year as a member of the National PTA Board of Directors. The workshop will cover a range of issues, and by the end of it you will know what is ethical and what is legal, and how to best advance the mission, vision, purposes, and values of PTA at the local, state, and national levels.

Diversity and your PTA  

This workshop explores issues related to diversity as they relate to PTA. The workshop will be presented by Deb Fritz, National Service Representative for National PTA, and LeeTaria Sabree, Alabama PTA Diversity Chair.



The Opioid Epidemic in Alabama -  An overview of the current reality trends around Opioid use with helpful information and proactive prevention strategies for parents and educators. Presented by Art Wimberly.


Dr. Erica Butler, Education Specialist, Alabama Dept. of Education, presents a workshop on

bullying. She will explain bullying as it exists, the different forms and effects, guidelines for

teachers, and what the Alabama Department of Education does to help the victim and the

perpetrator. Participants will be able to recognize the signs of bullying and how to address it.

Keep checking back for more!

Rhonda Mann

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