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You made a difference

Your emails and phone calls made a difference! During the State Board of Education meeting today, State Board members discussed a resolution to repeal Alabama’s College and Career Ready Standards. Although they did not take a vote, it was obvious that your outreach shaped the discussion.

During the meeting, a majority of State Board members expressed their support for the state’s current, rigorous College and Career Ready standards by favoring the existing process for reviewing academic standards. This periodic review of Alabama’s standards has been in place for at least two decades.

Our work continues. Alabama’s math standards are up for review in 2018, and English language arts the following year. Alabama GRIT is committed to making sure our state maintains high academic standards.

Please take a minute to thank all of our education leaders for continuing to support high expectations, as every AL student deserves to be prepared for life after high school. You can find contact information for members below.



Alabama Governor Kay Ivey (President)


Phone: 334-242-7100

District 1: Jackie Zeigler


Phone: 251-605-5139

District 2: Betty Peters


Phone: 334-794-8024

District 3: Stephanie Bell (Vice Pres.)


Phone: 334-272-2777

District 4: Yvette M. Richardson, Ed.D.


Phone: 205-923-7262

District 5: Ella B. Bell


Phone: 334-834-2811

District 6: Cynthia Sanders McCarty, Ph.D. (Pres. pro tempore)


Phone: 256-310-6048

District 7: Jeffrey Newman


Phone: 205-712-0011

District 8: Mary Scott Hunter


Phone: 888-531-1312

State Superintendent Michael Sentance, J.D., LL.M.


Phone: 334-242-9704

If you are not sure who your State Board member is, you can find a map of the districts here:

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