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Call to Action - SB101 - ACCRS Repeal

The Senate Education Committee is holding a public hearing scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, April 8th at 8:30am on Senate Bill 101 (SB101) to repeal the Alabama College and Career Ready Standards. Here is a link to the bill.

There is a group of PTA members and other education representatives who are planning on traveling to Montgomery to speak in support of our current Math and English Alabama College and Career Ready Standards that day. We are looking for more parents and, if possible, students to speak out in support of our standards and against repeal. It would be very helpful to have speakers who are parents with a military background as well. Please consider speaking to the committee.

If you are unable to attend in person, here is a list of the members of the Senate Education Committee and their contact information:

Senate District 26 Ross, Quinton T. (D) Suite 740, 256-539-5441

Senate District 25 Brewbaker, Dick (R) Suite 734, Phone 334-279-0174

Senate District 33 Figures, Vivian Davis (D) Suite 736, Phone 251-208-5480

Senate District 23 Sanders, Hank (D) Suite 736, Phone 334-526-4531

Senate District 17 Shelnutt, Shay (R) Suite 735, Phone 205-413-9022

Senate District 4 Bussman, Paul (R) Suite 733, Phone 256-734-1700

Senate District 12 Marsh, Del (R) Suite 722, Phone 256-237-8647

Senate District 32 Pittman, Lee Trip (R) Suite 730, Phone 251-621-0535

Senate District 11 McClendon, Jim (R) Suite 729, Phone 205-467-2656

To see a full list of the senators and their contact information including their email addresses, click here.

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